Do Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests Work?

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Do Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests Work?

You’re wondering: “Do Dollar Tree pregnancy tests work?” Nothing is more stressful than trying to pick out a pregnancy test. Let’s face it, they can be expensive. Nobody wants to waste their money on a test that doesn’t work…. even if it does just cost a dollar.

Why should you listen to me on this topic? I’ve been pregnant and given birth 5 separate times. I’ve taken just about every kind of pregnancy test you can think of! So, here’s the run-down on Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests.

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Disclosure: I’m not a doctor, so none of the below information should be taken as medical advice. Also, this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on my link and make a purchase, I may be compensated.

Do Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests Work?

The short answer is … yes! They work, and they work well.

Dollar Tree tests may seem like the worst option because they are cheap. There are a ton of different options out there, so why choose a less popular option??? Well, because they’re cheap it means you don’t have to waste a ton of money if you choose to test early.

They are a little more inconvenient than other popular pregnancy test brands, however. You need a cup to collect the urine, then you use a dropper to apply the urine to the test strip.

So, not as simple as just peeing on a stick, but worth the extra hassle if you want to save some $$$.

Other popular pregnancy test options:

How to read a Dollar Tree test

There are simple and easy to read instructions that come with the Dollar Tree tests.

  • One Line= negative
  • Two Lines= positive
  • No lines= invalid

No matter how light the line, 2 lines is a positive result if read within the time frame.

False Positive/Negative Results

False positives aren’t common, but they can occur due to certain medications, and etc.

False negatives can happen when you take the test too early… among other things.

According to WebMD:

If you get a negative result, you are likely not pregnant. But you may still be pregnant if:

  • The test is past its expiration date.
  • You took the test the wrong way.
  • You tested too soon.
  • Your urine is too diluted because you drank large amounts of fluids right before the test.
  • You are taking certain medications, such as diuretics or antihistamines.

Read more about false positive and false negative results on a pregnancy test. >>> Pregnancy Tests

Evaporation Lines

There is a lot of talk on pregnancy group boards about evaporation lines. So, here’s what all that’s about…

What is an evaporation line?

An evaporation line is a line that appears on a pregnancy test that has no color. They usually occur after the 10-minute mark. It’s a good reason not to read the test after the allotted time. (Don’t pull it out of the trash after that time either! We’re all guilty of it.)

Read more on evaporation lines and what to do when you get one. >>> What to do about an evaporation line on a pregnancy test

Do Dollar Tree tests give evaporation lines?

As I mentioned before, looking at a test after the 10-minute mark will probably get your hopes up for nothing. Outside of using a digital option (which is less sensitive), evaporation lines appear on most tests.

That being said, yes, I have gotten evaporation lines with a Dollar Tree test. But, only after the 10-minute mark.

If you see a line that has clear color, but you’re still unsure about the results. Take another test.

I always pick up at least two pregnancy tests just in case of an invalid result or a light positive.

Dollar Tree Tests for Early Detection

Most pregnancy tests recommend that you wait a week after your expected period to test for better accuracy.

In my most recent pregnancy, I used a Dollar Tree test within a day or two of my missed period. I wasn’t 100% positive when my period was due because I had some irregular cycles while breastfeeding. (I was still breastfeeding my 2-year-old when I found out! Grab my free breastfeeding ebook here.)

I got a dark positive almost immediately after! So, I would say that Dollar Tree tests are great for early detection.

Will I just be wasting my money if I take a Dollar Tree test?

Short answer… no.

My latest pregnancy wasn’t the only time I chose to take a Dollar Tree pregnancy test. I also used them with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy as well.

In my opinion, I’d rather spend a dollar on a pregnancy test, than $10. Especially if they will both yield the same results.

You can always buy a Dollar Tree test first and double-check using a digital test a little later.

Let me know about your experience with Dollar Tree pregnancy tests…

So far, I have nothing negative to say about Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests. As long as you’re not testing earlier than you should be, you should be able to get pretty accurate results with it!

If you’ve taken, or plan to take, a Dollar Tree test, let me know about your experience in the comments.

So, you got a positive result… here’s what you should do next.

  • Set up an appointment with your OBGYN for confirmation and early ultrasound.
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins. (Gummies are great when you have morning sickness.)
  • Stop smoking/drinking.
  • Eat healthily and get plenty of exercise. It’s always best to start early!
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Decide when you want to announce your pregnancy. Most people like to wait until after their first doctor’s appointment, but that is completely your decision.
  • Grab a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. (My favorite pregnancy book!)

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