Little Lumberjack Baby Shower Theme

lumberjack baby shower

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DIY Little Lumberjack Baby Shower Theme

In January my 5th child was born making it 2 girls and 3 boys. I didn’t really want a baby shower because I felt weird with it being my 5th child. But, my sister was persistent. She worked so hard to throw me the most adorable Little Lumberjack Baby Shower.

My husband was a logger before we met, and even after he got a new job, he continued to work side jobs cutting firewood or other tree work. So, Little Lumberjack was the perfect fit for our little guy who was named after his daddy!

It was nothing big and formal. Just a small party with my closest friends and family. (More of a sprinkle than a shower.)

You would think the lumberjack theme would be easy to come by… especially during the winter months. But, they had so much trouble trying to find red buffalo check for the party!

So, if you’re planning on throwing a lumberjack themed party during the winter months, make sure you plan ahead. Order online or grab things at the store as you see them!

lumberjack baby shower

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DIY Little Lumberjack Baby Shower Theme

Most of the items that were used to decorate the shower were DIY projects, things she already had, or borrowed items. So, this shower was extremely affordable!

If you need to do a shower on a budget, check out this post: The Broke Girl’s Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower.

The Decorations

The DIY Projects

  • Baby’s initial.
    • My sister found the letter at Hobby Lobby and wrapped it in red buffalo check fabric. Then she hot glued twine around the letter as a trim.
  • Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper
    • All she could find other than ribbon was buffalo check wrapping paper. So she used it as table runners and even wrapped a door in it for a backdrop.

The Borrowed Items

  • Cupcake stand: My sister knew the lady who made the cupcakes for the shower, so she let her use the beautiful wooden cupcake stand.
  • Lanterns: All the lanterns were borrowed from friends and family.
  • Small metal buckets: The metal buckets were also borrowed from a friend.

Stuff She Already Had

  • Mason Jars: She used the mason jars for nuts and m&ms.
  • Pine Cones
  • Wooden Prayers Board: The prayer board was used for hanging up everyone’s prayers for the baby. At the end of the shower, I got to take it home!
  • Chalkboard: She wrote Welcome Little Lumberjack Weston on the chalkboard.


The foods were just simple finger-foods.

  • Cheese and fruit tray.
  • Dip and Chips.
  • Asian Chopped Salad
  • Nuts, pretzels, and m&ms for making your own trail mix.
  • Hot cocoa bar.

The cupcakes

The cupcakes were a mixture of s’mores, chocolate, and vanilla bean. The s’mores were to die for! Best cupcakes I have ever had… hands-down!

Game & Prizes

For the game prizes, she filled cute little wire baskets and red buffalo check sachels with face masks, lotion, teas, and all kinds of other girly goodies.

Here are some adorable games for the lumberjack theme: Guess Who? Baby Shower Game


If you’re looking for invites these are super cute: Bear Lumberjack Flannel Invites.

The Lumberjack Theme for a Baby Sprinkle

The lumberjack baby shower turned out to be a load of fun. It would work out really well for a baby sprinkle, too!

Your Turn

What’s your favorite baby shower theme for baby boys?

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lumberjack baby shower

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