Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

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Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Get Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Weight (No Fad Diets Required!)

Looking for some postpartum weightloss tips? Getting back into shape after pregnancy can be hard! New babies require so much attention… it can be hard to make the right choices when it comes to eating and exercising.

It’s easy to grab some fast food and skip that walk because your completely exhausted. I know!

My 5th baby has been the most challenging for me when it comes to getting back to my postpartum weight. It has been hard to find the time to exercise!

Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

I have 4 other children that I homeschool. We do school from about 9 am to 1 or 2 pm every day. Then after school, we work on chores around the house. Cleaning, sweeping, dishes, laundry, etc.

We have to work all of this around breastfeeding and naps for the baby. By the time all of our stuff is done, my husband gets home, I cook dinner, we clean up, I give baths, and it’s time for bed.

So… I have to squeeze in walks, short exercises, and whatever I can to stay active!

How long does it take to get back to your postpartum weight?

Getting back to your postpartum weight is not an overnight thing. It can take months and even years. It all depends on your body, how much weight you gained during pregnancy, and how active you are in trying to get back into shape.

I was able to get back to my postpartum weight after my first within the first few months. But, I’ve noticed that with each child I have it takes me a bit longer to get there.

With my fifth baby, I gained 65lbs. That was the most weight I have gained ever during pregnancy. It was crazy!

I had lost 15 lbs prior to getting pregnant, and I had every intention of exercising during pregnancy. That didn’t happen! I was so sick throughout the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. After my morning sickness faded, I was exhausted all the time. So, exercising was always put on the back-burner.

Needless to say, the weight I gained didn’t come off overnight, or within the first few months.

I lost 25-30 lbs within the first month post-partum, but the last 30 were another story. I’m currently 8 months postpartum, and I’m finally about 10lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. This being my 5th child at nearly 30 years old… I feel pretty good about that.

I read somewhere once that it takes 9 months to gain the weight, so expect every bit of that to get it off or more. It’s always harder to lose than it is to gain.

Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

Disclosure: I’m not a doctor, so none of the below information should be taken as medical advice. Also, this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on my link and make a purchase, I may be compensated.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is vital for weight loss regardless of your circumstances. On average, it’s recommended you drink 8 glasses per day.

When you drink more water you will burn more calories, reduce your appetite, and reduce your calorie intake. Water is zero calories, so replacing soda, juice, or teas with water will save you quite a few calories per day!

Check out this article on How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight. (Source: Healthline.com)

Stay Active

I know it can be hard to stay active/exercise when you have a newborn. But, there are ways you can get around.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists exercising after you have a baby has multiple benefits. >>>

Exercise has the following benefits for postpartum women:

  • It helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.
  • It boosts energy.
  • It may help prevent postpartum depression.
  • It promotes better sleep.
  • It relieves stress.
  • It can help you lose the extra weight that you may have gained during pregnancy.

Read the rest of the article here. >>> Exercise after pregnancy.

Ideas for staying active postpartum


According to the La Leche League International, breastfeeding burns about 500-700 calories extra per day. (Read more here.)

Breastfeeding has always been the best way for me to lose weight postpartum. But… I realize that isn’t always the case for all breastfeeding mommas.

I know mothers who swear by breastfeeding for postpartum weight loss, and I know mothers who can’t lose a pound while breastfeeding.

I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. I believe that all mothers should at least give it a shot because breastfeeding has a ton of awesome benefits for the mother and baby.

Get my free breastfeeding ebook here.

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Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods is a no-brainer. If you are trying to lose weight… regardless of the circumstances… eating healthy foods is a great place to start.

Not only will you start feeling better, but you will eventually see the benefits via the scale.

Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is vital to your body functioning properly, and new mommas need as much as they can get.

Remember… you just pushed a human being out of your body! One that you carried around for months and months.

With a vaginal birth, you are looking at possible tears that need to heal. You won’t start feeling like yourself again for a while! C-sections require even more time to heal up.

Rest will aid in your healing process, and help your body to get back to normal.

When you are overtired, you are more likely to lay around and skip your daily walk. You may also find yourself reaching for fast foods and whatever is easiest.

I know it can be super hard to get good rest in the first month or so postpartum, but sleep whenever you can! Don’t miss the chance to grab a quick nap or go to bed early.

Here’s an article on how sleep affects weight loss: Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

What are your favorite postpartum weightloss tips?

What are your favorite postpartum weightloss tips? Leave them in the comments.

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Quick and Useful Postpartum Weightloss Tips

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